Strong Enough

Join me on my journey through the struggles and triumphs of this ordinary girl who proved to herself that she was indeed, Strong Enough.

About The Book

As the Season 1 Winner of NBC’s Strong, Jill knows first hand the physical, mental and spiritual roadblocks that a person needs to overcome to get strong.

In her memoir, Strong Enough, she chronicles the struggles, triumphs, and lessons learned a small town girl from Minnesota journeyed to L.A. to pursue her dream of competing on a reality TV show.

Learn behind-the-scenes details along with the outcome of what can happen when you pursue passions and dreams that have long been residing in you.

If you have a dream that you’ve been afraid to pursue, the story within these pages will help you discover that you are Strong Enough.

About the author.

Jill May is the Season 1 winner of NBC’s Reality TV Show STRONG. She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach who has coached hundreds towards healthy lifestyle choices.

She is also a nationally recognized speaker known for inspiring audiences towards personal growth and betterment. She lives in Minnesota with her husband, Dan and four children.

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