21 DAY


21 DAY



reach your goals faster.

Are you stuck? I was! In the busyness of life, I stopped making health and fitness a priority and eventually it was pushed to the “back burner.” That shift came at a great cost. Low energy along with various health challenges started to accompany me and I was kept from pursuing the best version of myself.

– Not seeing results?

– Struggles sound familiar?

– Plateaued in your fitness goals?


accountability + action.

What I learned is that there are two major keys to success in health and fitness: ACCOUNTABILITY and ACTION. These two keys are what shaped my transformation and I believe will help shape yours.

This is why the 21 Day Reboot program was created. When you join this program, I will hold you accountable for every meal and workout that you do for 21 days. In group texts of no more than five people, everyone will share pictures and/or descriptions of their meals and workouts. I will give feedback and coaching to everyone along with posting my meals and workouts for the group to see. Along with holding the group accountable, I will call the group to action through giving some basic nutritional and fitness guidelines and suggestions.

Don’t put it off any longer. It’s time to take charge of your health and fitness and to finally become the best version of yourself!


What people are saying about Twenty-One Day Reboot

Cathy Before and After

I was in her last class and it is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.  I am now consistently living my new “train and eat healthy” lifestyle instead of that diet and exercise roller coaster. The accountability with everyone in the group and Jill was key for me. And, to be able to learn from and be motivated by Jill has been priceless!  I feel terrific and I am motivated to keep going!

Cathy B

Participant, 21 Day Reboot*

Jill’s 21 Days to Excellence was an amazing journey for me. I was always scared of “accountability” and of making this change in my fitness journey. But these 21 Days were so good for me to finally break some bad habits and to have the accountability I needed to get back on track. Jill is so inspiring and encouraging. I love that she has found a calling to help people with their fitness journeys.

Julie N.

Participant, 21 Day Reboot*

My husband and I have been married almost 15 years, and have 6 children, ages 14, 12, 9, 4, and 2 year old twins. After the twins turned 1, I looked up and realized that I had put a lot of things on the back burner, including myself. I had taken myself off the priority list, like many women do! When Jill presented the idea of taking women like myself under her wing and coaching us in some of the ways she’d been coached, I JUMPED at the chance. I had been in my “mom-rut” for far too long. I decided that I was worth the investment, and that a healthier mom was a happier mom! It’s not easy meal prepping, and taking 3 little ones to the gym every day. (Picture one young toddler on each hip!!) But I always feel better knowing I’ve given my all, and left everything at the gym! Jill’s program works as hard as you do. Jill will provide the inspiration and the proven plan, you just need to bring HEART, desire, and a no excuses mentality.

Rachel E.

Participant, 21 Day Reboot*

*Participants were originally enrolled in a program called 21 Days to Excellence. The program guidelines are the same as 21 Day Reboot, but the program name has since changed.


contact Jill to discover how she can help you reach your goals.


The “21 Day Reboot” program includes the following services via email and text:
            (i) Meal timing advice,
            (ii) Nutrition advice,
            (iii)Workout advice,
            (iv) Daily Tips to stay on track,
            (v) Accountability check-ins to make sure you stay on track, and
            (vi) A phone call check-in one-on-one with Jill May halfway through the program.
You agree to provide all food, workout materials and other materials that may be required to perform the program.
You will be required to take your own body composition intake before beginning the program so you can track your progress.
All Terms of the Program are available here, and you agree to these terms upon payment.