strength for heart & mind.



strength for heart & mind.


Jill May Speaking


As the Season 1 winner of NBC’s reality TV show Strong, I learned that authenticity is the key to inspiring audiences. In fact, while shooting, if the producers sensed that we were not being authentic, they would make us redo the scene!

Today, I strive to bring that same authenticity to audiences as a way to motivate and inspire. My goal is to not only share my journey, but to propel others into action, helping them to become the best versions of themselves.

Below, you will find my bio, my most requested topics as well as a check availability button.

I speak to audiences all over the U.S., championing for mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. To inquire about my availability, please check my availability and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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Jill May



-Reaching Your Potential
-Overcoming Obstacles
-Mindset Transformation
-Mind/Body/Soul Correlation as Relates to Health and Fitness



-Season 1 Winner, NBC’s Strong
– Featured in Life & Style Magazine
– Several appearances on KARE 11
-Keynote Speaker at Thumb’s Up High 5k
– Interviewed by Gabrielle Reece for FitBit Blog
-Featured Speaker, alongside Patty Wetterling at Life Connections Conference.
-Guest appearance on Star Studio, the MN Children’s Hospital in-house TV channel.


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Jill shared her amazing life story with the Rice Hospice staff at our Teambuilding Retreat. She was eloquent, sincere and motivational. She has a beautiful way of connecting her life story to the benefits of team work. Jill provided the staff with some hands-on tools that they can utilize to grow in their personal and professional lives.

Mary Beth Potter, RN, BAN, CHPN, CHPCA

Director, Rice Hospice and Dialysis

We had the pleasure of having Jill speak at our 3rd Annual Thumbs Up High 5K event (5K and 10K Run/Walk/Bike/Blade), which supports mental health and suicide awareness.  Jill has an incredible gift of captivating an audience right from the start.  Jill walked us through her own battles of depression and anxiety before her journey on the hit television show, STRONG.  She spoke about the highs and lows in her life and what it means to take care of our mind, body and soul.  She began accepting herself for who she was designed to be.  She began training, exercising, and eating healthy.  And lastly she battled through her own faith and was reminded of how God cares for each one of us.  It was an incredible honor having Jill speak at our event and we will continue to utilize her words to share with others who are battling with mental health issues.  I think one of the most valuable things she said was that taking care of oneself is not selfish.  By taking care of yourself, you will be a much happier and healthier person for you and everyone around you.
Thank you Jill!
Katie Shatusky

Founder, Thumbs Up High 5k